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Recent Import Orders:


Another supplier had seriously let us down - we had less than one week to make an urgent plan, Bespoke Sourcing saved the day to say the least THANK YOU THANK YOU!
- Derek Whitehead - The Artery

The turnaround time that unfolded was staggering, a branded import job landed in only 7 days – still amazed
- Geoff Louw - Savanah Hemp

Happy days, the Bespoke Sourcing team went the extra mile for us, end product and communication top notch from start to finish. Well done chaps.
- Rich Cheary - PTSportSuite

Gavin and team were on the ball throughout, very happy with our merchandise and we would certainly endorse the Bespoke Sourcing team.
- Andre Krige - Innovate Properties

Very quick responses to questions, turn around with artwork approval also quick. We did have one issue that was resolved quickly and generally was kept very well informed. Delighted with the finished product.
- Sibongile Twele

Communication and branding advice was excellent from the get go. The finished product was actually above expectations; we had only seen 3D mock-ups. Thanks Bespoke Sourcing!
- Jen Marshall-Smith

Prompt responses to the bundles of questions that we initially raised. Concise information provided. Delivery of items were on time as promised.
- Sid Modise

Product Index

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A3 Canvas Bag
A4 Da Vinci Folder with Zip and Ringbinder
A4 Genova Zip Around Folder
A5 clip board
A5 Vespa Zip Around Folder
A6 Eco Notebook
A6 Notepad with Pen
AA1 Sunglasses
AA2 Sunglasses
AA3 Sunglasses
ABS Advertising Boards
ABS Vacuum Wine Stopper
ABSA Powerbank Cans
Absorption Cleaning Gel
Accentuate highlighter
Accordion Water Bottles
Adhesive Vinyl
Adidas climacool 3stripe golf shirt
Admiral A4 Folder
Admiral Flask and Mug Set
Adults Dice
Advertising Wind Vane
Aeroplane Stress Ball
AFRICA Election T Shirts
Afrika Spectator Bag
Agent Torch Keyring
Aids Button Badge
Aids Day Necklace Pen
Aids Day Silicone Wristband
Aids Drawstring Bag
Aids Folding Hat
Aids Hand Pen
Aids Keyring Stress Ball
Aids Lanyard
Aids Lip balm
Aids Magnetic Clip
Aids Memo Clip
Aids Ribbon Keyring
Aids Shoulder Bag
Aids Silicone Keyring With Metal Plate
Aids Tape Measurer Keyring
Aids Watch
Aids Water Bottle
Aids Waterbottle
Aids Yoyo
Air Freshener Gel Beads
Air Fresheners
Airplane Stressballs
Albany Keyring
All Square Keyring
All-Together Journal Book
Aluminium Bottle Opener
Aluminium Cooler
Aluminum Water Bottles
Ambra pen
Anchor Tablet Stand
Anchorage Shoulder Bag
Anti Slip Grippers
Anti Slip Mat with Compass
Anti stress chinese ball set
Anti Stress Square
Anti-lost Alarm
Anti-lost Silicone Hanging Wine Cork
Antique Hour Glass
Apex Bottle Opener With Magnet
Apex Laptop Backpack
Apollo Pen & Pencil Set
Apple Peeler
Apple Shaped Food Container
Apple shaped manicure sets
Applet Tablet Holder & Stand
Apron with Pocket
Aqua Water Bottle
Aquapower Clock
Aquarius Pen
Arc A4 Folder
Archer Pen
Archie Mathematics Study aids
Arctic Ice Bucket
Argonaut A4 Folder
Ariana Glass Candle Holder
Arizona Rolling Duffle Bag
Arm Pouch Wallet
Arm Socks
Aroma Dough
Around The Block Keyring
Ash Tray
Aspen Long Sleeve Shirt - LADIES
Asteriod Pen
Astronaut Stress Balls
Atlantis Messenger Bag
Atlas Messenger Bag
Audi Memory USB
Audio / Video Greeting Cards
Audio Name Badges
Aura Highlighter Set
Aurelian Ball Pen
Austin Keyring
Auto Emergency Kit
Auto Note Pad & Pen
Autograph Notebook & Card Holder
Avalanche Pen
Avante Guard Ball Pen & Pencil Set
Avelino Notebook
Avenue Wine Cooler
Awesome Braai Fork
Aztec Backpack
Aztec Sports Bag

Baby Bibs
Baby Mini Speaker
Baby Play Mats
Back Scratcher
Back Support Cushion
Backpack Picnic Bag
Bad Ass Fly Swatter
Badge Reels
Bafana Bafana Beanie
Bafana Bafana Cap
Bafana Bafana Scarf
Bafana Bafana Supporter Shirt
Bali Style Parasols
Balkan Insulated Jacket
Balkan Ladies Insulated Jacket
Ball Shaped Lip balm
Ballet Dance Shoes
Balmain Aquitaine Ball Pen And Rollerball Set
Balmain Arles Ball Pen
Balmain Auxillary Ball Pen & Pencil Set
Balmain Bergerac Gift Set
Balmain Chantilly Gift Set
Balmain Columbia Ball Pen & Rollerball
Balmain Columbia Ball Pen & Rollerball Set
Balmain Concorde Ball Pen & Rollerball Set
Balmain Executive Ball Pen & Rollerball Set
Balmain executive manacure set
Balmain Narbonne Ball Pen & Rollerball Set
Balmain Society Ball Pen & Rollerball Set
Balmain Troyes Ball Pen
Balmain Valence Ball Pen
Bamboo & Poreclain Coffee Gift Set
Bamboo Coasters
Bamboo Fibre Handy Cap
Bamboo Fibre Mug
Bamboo Pen
Bamboo pen and pencil set
Bamboo photo frame
Bamboo USB
Bamboo Wine Block
Bamboo Wireless Mouse
Bamboodle pens
Banana Shaped Stress Balls
Bandit Notebook
Banner Pens
Bar Blade Bottle Opener
Bar Mats
Bar Runners
Barrel Clock
Bartender Keyring
Baseball Bat Keyrings
Baseball Bat Pens
Baseball Set Keyrings
Basejump Neck Pen
Baseline Clock
Basic 6 Panel Cap
Basix stationary set
Basket Balls
Bastille Picnic Bag
Bathroom Scale
Battery Cell Phone Charger
Battery Operated Shakers
BBQ Fork Thermometer
Beach ball keychain
Beach Ball Sprinklers
Beach Balls
Beach chair
Beach Chairs
Beach Frisbee Rings
Beach mat and cushion
Beach Mat with Shelter
Beach Set
Beach Skimmer Ball
Beach Soccer Balls
Beach Spike Ball
Beach thongs (indented style)
Beach Umbrellas
Beaded Vuvuzela
Beatz Stationery Set
Beer Balancer (For Fridges)
Beer Bottle Cooler
Beer Bottle Opener MUG (The Wingman)
Beer Can Holder
Beer Ice Pack
Beer Mug Bottle Opener
Beer Shape Bottle Opener
Belle 3-In-1 Nail Set
Belt Clip ID Pull Reel
Benchmark Business Card Holder
Benchmark CD Case
Bendable LED light with USB port
Bendy Pens
Benz USB
Bermuda Shorts
Bermuda Shoulder Bag
Bib Shorts
Bicycle Pizza Cutter
Bicycle Safety Lights
Big 5 African Collection Caps
Big 5 African Collection Hats
Big Daddy Thermos
Bike Seat Covers
Billboard Shopper Bag
Billy Biltong Lock Knife
Biltong Knife with wooden handle
Binary tablet pouch
Binary Tablet Sleeve
Birdie Balls
BIZ Flash Track Bottoms
Bling Round Keyring
Bling Square Keyring
Blinking safety lights
Blizzard Pen
Bluetooth Big Dog Speaker
Bluetooth Headphones
Bluetooth Speaker Waterbottles
Bluetooth wireless ear phones/buds
BMI Measuring Tape
BMW Memory Stick
Bobble Head Resin Dolls
Bobble Head Toys
Boccia Ball and Referee Paddle Keychain
Boccia Balls
Bodega Wine Set
Boerie Braai Apron Set
BOKKE Baby Ball
Bokke Gloves
Bokke Hand Clappers
Bokke Stress Ball
Bold Color Curvaceous Pen Pencil Set
Bolt Compu-Messenger Bag
Bomber Jacket
Bon Appetit Lunch Box
Bonair-Eco Notebook
Bone pens
Book Light
Bookmark Ballpen
Bookmark Ruler
Bookmark, Ruler And Sticky Flags
Boomerang Cap
Boost Speaker
Bottle Cap Mini Radio keychain
Bottle Cap Radio
Bottle Carriers
Bottle Cut Outs
Bottle Glorifiers
Bottle handle and pourer
Bottle Light LED Cork
Bottle Lock
Bottle Opener
Bottle Opener
Bottle Opener & Lighter Fridge Magnet
Bottle Opener and Sealer
Bottle Opener Cell Phone Case
Bottle opener cell phone case
Bottle Opener Coaster
Bottle Opener Fidget Spinner
Bottle Opener Golf Cap
Bottle Opener Keychain with LED Light
Bottle Opener Keyring
Bottle Opener Lanyards
Bottle Opener Lighter
Bottle Opener Magnet
Bottle Opener USB Keyring
Bottle Opener with Petersham Lanyard
Bouncing Balls
Bouyancy Water Bottle
Boxing Bag Keychain
Boxing Glove Keyring
Boxing Gloves
Braai in a bucket
Brain Stress Ball
Bramded Hopper Balls
Branch USB
Branches Wine Decanter
Brand-able Ear Muffs
Brandable Wine Disc Pourer
Branded Balloons
Branded Beach Towels
Branded bunting
Branded Business card cds
Branded Caps
Branded CD's and DVD's
Branded Cell Phone Cases
Branded Chamois
Branded Coil
Branded Crazy Cube
Branded Earphones
Branded Flip flops
Branded Foam Noodles
Branded Foldable Keyboard
Branded Frisbee
Branded Giant Pen
Branded Glider Planes
Branded Gloves
Branded Golf Ball Markers
Branded Golf balls
Branded Golf Shirts
Branded Inflatables
Branded Lighters
Branded Marbles
Branded Metal Clocks
Branded Mint Tub
Branded Mouth Guards
Branded Mouth Spray
Branded Paper Cups
Branded Pillows
Branded Plasters (Band-Aids)
Branded Playing Cards
Branded Pom Poms
Branded Ribbon
Branded Rubiks Cube
Branded Rugby Socks
Branded Ruler
Branded Serving Boards
Branded Silver Spoons
Branded Soap
Branded Soccer Balls
Branded Socks
Branded Sponges
Branded Sun Shades
Branded Suncream
Branded Sunglasses
Branded Sunscreen with keyring
Branded Sunshades
Branded Sweets
Branded Tea Towels
Branded Tin Plants
Branded Tissue Boxes
Branded toilet paper
Branded Tyre Levers
Branded Watches
Branded Waterproof iPhone Cases
Branded Wine
Branded Wine Bottles
Branded Wine Charms
Branded Yo Yo
Brandtastic Pen
Breakfast Bottle with Spoon
Brick Stress Ball
Bridgeport Sports Bag
Brie Cheeseboard Set
Brisle Buddy Computer Duster
Brookside Golf pouch
Brussels Beer Glass
Bubble Bath Machine
Budget Suiter Bag
Budget VR Glasses
Buff Scarf
Buffalo Biltong Knife
Builders Pen
Bulk Campaign Shirts and Caps
Bungee Rocket
Burgundy Waiters Friend
Burlesque Mirror
Bush Hat
Bushking Flask & Mug Set
Bushking Flask and Mug Set
Business Card Scanner
Business Card Scanner
Button Badge

Cable Organiser
Cabrera Sports Towel
Cadence Ball Pen
Caeser Pen
Calender Pen Holder Radio
California Wine Opener
Cambridge Cotton-Touch Golf Shirt - LADIES
Cambridge Cotton-Touch Golf Shirt - MEN
Camera Lens Coffee Mug
Camo Caps
Camper Chairs
Camping Stretcher
Camps bay cooler
Campside Mug
Campus Corduroy Cap
Can Vending Trolley
Canterbury coolfit golf shirt
Cantina Wine Cooler
Canvas Lace Up Shoes
Canvas Prints
Canvas Shoulder Bags
Cap Classique Sealer
Capri Chair and Cooler bag
Capsule Pen & Keychain
Capsule Shape Stapler
Capsule Stress Ball
Capsule USB Keyring
Car Air Purifier
Car charger mug
Car Coat Hanger
Car Garbage Bag
Car Headrest Flags
Car Mobile Phone Holder
Car Mount Cell Phone Holder
Car Pen Holder
Car Phone Holder
Car Seatbelt Covers
Car Shaped Keyring
Car Shaped Stress Ball
Car side mirror socks
Car Stress Ball
Car Sun Shades
Car Tablet Holder
Car Tissue Box
Car Tyre Ceramic Coffee Mug
Car Tyre Coffe Mug
Car Tyre Grooved Soccer Ball
Carabina Shopper Bag
Carabiner Bottle Holder
Carabiner Compass
Carabiner Flashlight
Carabiner Flashlight & Bottle Opener
Carabiner Screwdriver Set
Carabiner torch
Cards and Dice
Cargo Pants
Carnival Shopper Bag
Carnivale Cooler
Carp Fishing Tripod Chair
Carrol Boyes Ice Bucket
Carrol Boyes Ice Tongs
Carrot Shaped Pens
Carry Fleece Blanket
Carson Keyring
Carving Set
Casablanca Wine Set
Casette Tape I-phone Case
Cassidy Shoulder Bag
Catalyst Snack Cooler
Celebrity Mini Gift Bag
Cell Phone Backstrap
Cell phone bungee
Cell Phone Gripper
Cell Phone Gripper
Cell Phone Holder
Cell Phone Lanyard
Cell Phone Slipper
Cell Phone Watch
Cellphone Sock and Lanyard
Cellular Mini Pen
Centenary Jumbo Drawstring Bag
Centrino Pen and Pencil Set
Century Compu-Messenger Bag
Century Deluxe Tote
Ceramic Mug & Spoon Set
Ceramic mug with cork base
Chain Tassels Turquoise Necklace
Chain Wine Bottle Holder
Chair and Cooler Combo
Chalk Mug
Champagne Bottle Stress Ball
Champagne Bowl
Champagne Re-Pressurizer
Champagne Stopper
Charisma pen
Charleston Keyring
Charms Keychain
Cheap White T-Shirts
Checkpoint Friendly Wheeled Compu Case
Cheese and Wine Table
Chelsea Deluxe Cosmetic Bag
Chicago T-Shirt - MEN
Chill-Out Stress Balls
Chip & putt golf tool
Chipita Wine Opener
Christina Laptop Executive Wheeler
Christmas Crackers
Chunky Zip Backpack
Cigar Ash Tray
Citrus Spray
City Girl Mirror
City Slicker Travel Bag
Classic Compass
Classic Sandwich Cap
Clic-Clac With Sugar-Free Mints
Clifton Cooler Bag
Clip on and Standing Flashlight
Clip on Shopper
Clippz Manicure Set
Clock Radio
Cluster Turquoise Women Choker Collar Necklace
Cobalt Backpack
Cocktail Shakers
Coco Travel Mug
Cocoon Fleece Blanket and Bag
Cocophony Keyring
Coffee Cup Sleeves
Coffee-Time Car Mug
Coffee-Time Mug
Coin Case
Coin Holder Keychain
Coke Bottle Cooler
Collapsable Pet Water Bowl
Collapsable Sling Wine Holder
Collapsable Water Bottles
Collapsible Water Bottle Carrier
ColorfulFlower Beads Necklace
Colour Burst Mouse Pads
Colour Changing LED Candles
Colour Changing Mugs
Colour Pencils with Box
Coloured Aprons
Colourful Inflatable Hanging Ball
Columbia Sports Bag
Comedy Glasses
Comfort Plastic Visors
Comfort Travel Set
Compact Eyeliner Pencil Sharpener
Compact Umbrella
Compass Keychain
Compostable Wine Glass Tags
Compressed Towels
Computer Brush Buddy
Computer Messenger Bag
Conference Bag
Conference Ball Pen & Pencil Set
Conquest Sports Bag
Constellation Pen
Construct Stylus Pen
Conti Suit
Contract Long Sleeve Reflective Vest
Convertible Sling Bag
Cookie Holder Mug
Cooler Bags
Cooler Boxes
Cooling Headband
Cooling Towel
Copper & Aluminium Mugs
Cord Wrap phone charger organiser
Cork Screw & Bottle Opener
Cork USB
Corporate Award
Corporate Branded Wigs
Cotton Beach Towels
Cotton Headbands
Cotton Scarf
Cotton Wristband
Count Down Shower Timer
Country Flag Hip Flask
Country flags on a String
Cozy Can Cooler
Crave Food Capsule
Crazy Wigs
Creative Drawing Kits
Credit Card Bottle Opener
Credit Card Knife
Crepe / Pancake Maker
Crescendo Compu-Messenger Bag
Crescent Mug
Cricket Ball Keyring
Cricket Ball Stress Ball
Cricket Bat Shape Cheering Sticks
Cricket Set
Crinkle Cut Foam Peak Cap
Cross Silver Necklace
Crossroads Dual Car Charger
Cruiser Pen
Cruz Cap
Crystal Touch Pen
Cube Money Box
Cufflinks with Compass
Curved Wooden Bottle Holder
Custom designed tissue box
Custom Folding Vase
Custom Light Boxes
Custom Made Diaries
Custom Made Money Boxes
Custom Made Resin Pets
Custom Masks
Custom Mouse Pads
Custom Printed Sewing & Mirror Combo Kit
Custom Rugby and Soccer Balls
Custom Running Belt
Custom Shaped Mouse Pads
Customised PC Mouse
Customised Powerbank
Customised Russian Dolls
Customised Trophies
Customised USB
Customised USB Cables
Customized iPhone cases
Customized Tissue Box
Cutlery Pens
Cutter & Buck Deluxe Golf Towel
Cycle Tops

Dart Pens
Dataflow Memory Stick
Debosed Silicone Wristband
Decadance Fondue Set
Deco Mug
Deloitte Cheering Sticks
Delux Cargo Organiser
Deluxe Tool Kit 31 Piece
Deluxe Wine and Cheese Set
Denier Notebook Case
Denier Shopper Bag
Denim Men's Shirt
Dental Floss
Desert Basic Cap
Designer tool kit
Desk Clock Radio
Desk Paper Cube Holder
Desk Stationary Cup
Desk Tidy
Detachable Single Wine Carrier
Devon Safety Boots
DHL Cheering Sticks
Diamond Magic Cube
Die Cast Products
Digi Buff Mobile Mate Keychain
Digital Can Cooler
Digital Coin Bank (Black)
Digital Fork
Digital Photo Frame
Digital Photo Frame
Digital Photoframe and USB credit card
Dilux Pilot Case
Dingabts / Biffbats
Disco Ball Cups
DIY Money Bank
DIY Money Box
Document Case
Dodecahedron Stress Ball
Domy Shopper
Doodle Pen
Double Deck Playing Cards
Double layer food container
Double Walled Glasses
Double Wine Carrier
Drawstring Bag with Zip
Drawstring Wine Bag
Drinks Cooler Bag
Drinks Push Cart
Drip Bar Mats
Droplet Pen
Drosty cooler bag
Dual Pens
Dual Pizza Cutter
Duffle Bag
Duke Toiletry Bag
Dulce Vita Pen
Dutchess Pedicure Set
Dynamo Golfer Shirt
Dynamo Torch

E Book reader
E-Table Laptop Stand
Earphones in case
Earrings with pearls
Earth eco friendly pen
Earth Keychain
Eastbrook A4 Folder
Eastbrook A4 Zip-Aroun Folder
Easy Access Handbag
Echo Pen
Eco A6 Conference Set
Eco Billboard Bags
Eco Coaster Set
Eco Cool USB
Eco Cutlery Set
Eco Digital Clock Penstand
Eco Friendly Wine Holder
Eco golf pouch
Eco Highlighter / Pen Combo
Eco Highlighters
Eco Lamp
Eco Neoprene Bottle Carrier
Eco Neoprene Wine Cooler
Eco Notepad & Pen
Eco Optical Mouse and Mousepad
Eco Shopper
Eco Water Clock
Eco Waterbottle
Eco-friendly Tyvek Wallets
Eco-Logical A5 Conference Set
Eco-Logical Karma Stationary Set
Eco-logical Karma Stationary Set
Eco-Logical Pen & Highlighter
Eco-Logical Salad Server
Eco-Logical Stationery Set
Eco-Notion A5 Notebook
EcoSaver Shower Timer
Elasticity A4 Folder
Elasticity A5 Folder
Election Caps and Shirts
Election Hand Held Flags
Electric Cap
Electric Wine Cooler
Electro Flashing T-shirt
Electronic Car Decals
Elegant Carving Knife
Elegant Steak Knife Set
Elemental Pen
Elephant 1L Carafe
Elite Cap
Elleven A4 Zip-Around Tablet Folder
Elleven Compu-Messenger
Elleven Laptop Backpack
Elleven Memory Stick Pen
Elleven pen
Elleven Sports Bag
Elleven Travel Wallet
Embossed Silicone Wristband
Emergency Car Kit
Emergency Car Triangle
Enigma Flexi Ruler
Enviro Eco-Logical Pen & Pencil Set
Erinvale golf towels
Ernie Else tool set
Essence Eco-Logical Notebook
Estate Agent Boards
Evo Waterbottle
Exclusive Wine and Accessory Set
Executive Braai
Executive chefs jacket
Executive corkscrew
Executive Diary A4
Executive Diary A5
Executive Gym Bag
Executive Luggage Tags
Executive Slimline Diary
Executive Wine Carrier
Expandable Cooler Bag
Eyeglasses case

Game Set - 4 Lines
Garrison Multi Tool
Gary Player Black Knight Weekender Bag
Gary Player Muirfield - Men & Ladies
Gary player putter set
Gates Card & Money Clip
Gel Non-Slip Pad
Genko Power Bank
Genuine Leather Laptop Bag
Genuine Leather Trolley Laptop Bag
Gepetto Pencil Set
Giant Balls 1.6m, 3m and 6m
GIANT beach balls
Giant Book Marks
Giant Bubble Blower
Giant Flask
Giant Pen
Giant Sunglasses
GIANT Supporter Flags
Giant Supporter Hands
Giant Wine Glass Decanter
Gift Boxes
Gift Set Office Aaccessories
Glamour Photo Frame
Glass Hourglass
Glasses Bottle Opener
Glo Brite highlighter in a jar
Globe Stress Ball
Globe Trophy
Globetrotter World Clock
Glow Badge
Glow Cutlery Set
Glow Drinking Cups
Glow in Dark Hair Streaks
Glow in Dark Shoelaces
Glow in Dark Silicone Bracelet
Glow in Dark SmartPhone Case
Glow in Dark Spray
Glow in Dark Thundersticks
Glow in The Dark Keyrings
Glow in the Dark Lanyard
Glow in The Dark Shoe Soles
Glow In The Dark Webbing Strap Lanyard
Glow in the Dark Wristbands
Glow Lanyards
Glow Necklaces
Glow Shutter Shading Sunglasses
Glow Silicone Wrist Bands
Glow Sticks
Glow-in-the-Dark Crosses
Glow-in-the-Dark Putty
Glow-in-the-Dark Sticky Hands
Gold Bar Money Banks
Gold Coated Envelopes
Gold Foil Playing Cards
Golden Goal 600ml water bottle
Golf Accessory Bag
Golf Ball Stress Ball
Golf Ball sunscreen
Golf Balls Bag
Golf Cover Bag
Golf Head Covers
Golf Hole Coffee Mugs
Golf Putting set
Golf Stick and Ball Keyring
Golf Tees
Golf Umbrella
Golfer Bag
Golfers keyring
Golfers Nero Locker Case
Good Times Picnic Bag Set
Good Vibrations Speaker
Governor Flask
Graduate Desk Calculator
Grandstand Pen & Pencil Set
Grape Cluster Shaped Bottle
Grape Stress Balls
Graphite Compu-Messenger Bag
Graphite Toiletry Bag
Gravity Pen
Green Grass Eco-Logical Notebook
Green Grass Lunch Cooler
Green Grass Shopper
Green Grass Water Bottle
Greenfalls Gift Bag
Greenlake shopper Bag
Greenland gift bag
Greenpoint Jumbo Shopper
Greenvale Shopper Bag
Grid Pen
Grimace Bluetooth Speaker

Hacky Sack
Hair duster
Hair Visor
Halo Tablet Holder
Hamburger Socks
Hamburger USB
Hamilton Ladies Laptop Bag
Hampton Basket Cooler
Hand and Finger Stretchers
Hand Bell
Hand Clappers
Hand crank torch
Hand Held Fans
Hand Held Flags
Hand held phone
Hand Held Receiver Docking Station
Hand held squeeze fan
Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer Gel
Hand Shape Cheering Sticks
Hand-Shaped Pizza Cutter
Handheld Soduku
Handy Glow Pens
Handy Man tool set
HandyMan Toolset
Hangout Sleeper Couch
Hard Hat Bottle Opener Keyring
Hard Hat Bottle Opener Keyring
Hard Hat Drinking Hats
Hard Hat Key Chain
Hard Hat Stress Ball Key Chain
Hardback booklets with sticky notes
Harvey Sunglasses
Haven Fleece Blanket and Bag
Head Band Ear Muffs
Head Band Hoop
Head Lamp
Headrest Socks
Heart Shaped Stress ball
Heart Shaped Sunglasses
Heart Stress Ball
Heat Transfer Branded Lanyards
Helicopter Stressballs
Herald A4 Notebook
Herald A6 Notebook
Herbs in a box
Hessian Shopper Bags
Himalaya Pen
Hip flask
His & Hers Tool Kit
Hockey Puck Keychain
Hockey Stick Keyring
Holstein Wine Holder
Hooded Poncho Towels
Hopside Down Beer Glass
Hot/Cold Packs
Hourglass on keychain
House Stress Ball
Houston Double Decker Bag
Houston Fleece Jacket - KIDS
Hurricane USB Fan
Hurry Powerbank
Hybrid Pen
Hygrometre temperature clock
Hype Tablet Stand
Hypnotica Pen

Ice Bag Wine Bottle Chiller
Ice Buckets
Ice Cream Mould
Icicle Desk Fridge
ICube Puzzle
Ifidelity Mirage Headphones
Imagez Coaster Set
Impulse Cooler
In Focus Multi Cloth
Indigenous Wooden Pen Sets (South African Wood)
Indigo Pen
Induction A4 Folder
Infinity Compu-Messenger Bag
Inflatable Arch
Inflatable beach pillow
Inflatable Beer Bottles
Inflatable Bottles
Inflatable Bumper Balls
Inflatable Drinks and Food Holder
Inflatable Floating Beer Bottle Holder
Inflatable Floating Drink Cooler
Inflatable Guitars
Inflatable Hands
Inflatable Hanging Soccer Ball
Inflatable Rugby Poles
Inflatable Sports Balls
Infuser Glass Water Bottle
Infusion Water Bottle
Injection Moulds
Ink-Fusion A5 Notebook
Ink-Fusion A6 Notepad
Insulated Double Wine Tote
Insulated Waist Sleeve
International Country Beanies
International Country Caps
Inverted Umbrella
iPad Neoprene Pouch
iPad Smart Covers
Iphone 6 Megaphone
iPhone ® Battery pack
iphone ® Multi Leather Case
Iphone Case - Glow in Dark
iPhone holder
iPhone Silicone Cases
Iron Hook Advertising Key USB

Jack Nicklaus Tee bottle
Jack Parow Cap
Jack Sunglasses
Jaunt USB Car Charger
Jesse Executive Laptop Wheeler
Jesus Glow Bracelets with Card
Jet Cotton-Touch Golf Shirt - LADIES
Jewellery Box
Jozani Hybrid Softshell Jacket - Mens
Jubilee Shoulder Bag
Jumbo Pencil with Sharpener
Jumping rope
Juventus Carry Case

Kaffeine Mug
Kaleidoscope Cooler Bag
Kanko Wireless Mouse
Kendall Cosmetic Bag
Kendall Ladies Lunch Cooler
Kerrington Ball Pen
Key Shaped USB
Keyboard Brush & Duster
Keyring Pill Holder
Khaki Overnight Bag
Kiddies Ergo Pencil
Kids Cricket Set - Plastic
Kids Cricket Set - Wooden
Kids Puzzle
Kids Super Club 150 T-Shirt
Kids Yoga Mats
Kika Double Wine Carrier
Kika Sack - Version 2
Kika Sack - Version 3
Kika Single Wine Carrier
Kika Stick
Kilobyte Memory Stick & Laser Pointer
Knife Sharpener
Knitted SA Scarf
Koozie 3D Coaster
Korfu Ball Pen
Krakatoa Pen
Kuduzela Horn
Kwaito Pen
Kwik Keyring Bottle opener

Ladder Toss
Ladies Eve Stretch Jeans
Ladies Leather Purse
Ladies Leather Wallet
Lagoon 6-Can Cooler
Laminated Board Coasters
Lansing 6 Panel Cap
Lanyard Keyring
Lanyard Pen Holder
Laptop Backpack
Laptop Bag
Laptop Shell Case 13
Laptop Skins
Large Cooler Bag
Large Shopping or Laundry Bags
Large Trolley Backpack
Laser point pen
Late Coffee Mug
Lawn Darts
Lazy Man Camping Lounger
Leather Baby Shoes
Leather Belts
Leather Bracelets
Leather Briefcase
Leather Case for AirPods
Leather Cosmetic Bag
Leather Duffel Bag
Leather Hip Flasks
Leather Ipad Case
Leather Iphone case with card holder
Leather Key and Coin Holder
Leather Keyring with Tag
Leather Luggage Tag
Leather Notebook Case
Leather Pen Pocket
Leather Pocket Wallet
Leather Shoulder Bag
Leather shoulder sling bag
Leather Storage Car Cases
Leather Travel Wallet
Leather Trolley Duffel Bag
Leather Wine Bottle Carrier
Leather Wine Coolers
LED Balloons
LED Beer Mug
LED Bottle Opener and Bar Coaster
LED Bottle Stickers
LED Bracelet Watch
LED Bracelets
LED Clock Fan
LED Colour Changing Ice Bucket
LED Dog Tags
LED drinking glasses
LED Fidget Spinners
LED Finger light
LED Frisbee
LED Gloves
LED Glow Caterpillars
LED Glow in Dark Mouthpiece
LED Glow Worms
LED Ice Cubes
LED Inspector Safety Glasses
LED Light Box
LED Margarita Glass
LED Reflective Armband
LED Shoe Clips
LED Tumbler Glass
LED Wine Bucket
LED Wine Glasses
LED Yoyo
LED, Speaker Powerbank
Lego Mug
Lego USB
Leisure Camping Chair
Let's Twist Bottle
Letter Opener
License Disc Holder
Light Bulb Stress Ball
Light Up Skipping Rope
Light-Up Spike NFL Footballs
Light-Up Strobe Whistle
Lightbulb Keyring
Lightbulb USB Keychain
Lightbulb with Sweets
Lighter with Bottle Opener
Lighter with LED
Lightweight Foam Supporter Hands
Lincoln Messenger Bag
Linen Long Sleeved Shirts
Link Keyring
Liquid highlighter set
Little Pepper Earbuds
Locker Mirrors
Lodestar Active Armband
Logtop Pen
Lola Neck Pen
Long Life Roses
Long Sleeved T shirts
Long Tom Firelighter
Luggage Locks
Luggage Tag
Luggage Tag & Lock
Lumiere Stress Ball
Luminex Pully Light
Lunchmate Cooler Bag
Lunchmate Lunch Cooler
Luxury luggage label

Magic Cube
Magic Runners Bag
Magic tin cap
Magic Water Balloons
Magnetic Backgammon
Magnetic Button Badge
Magnetic Buzz Toys
Magnetic Cap
Magnetic Chess
Magnetic Clip with Pen Holder
Magnetic Decision Maker
Magnetic Desk Balls
Magnetic Levitation Plant Pots
Magnetic Licence Disc Holder
Magnetic Notepad and Pencil
Magnetic Picture Fridge Fame
Magnetic Top Wine Carrier
Magneto Pen
Magnetoc memo clips
Magnifier Ruler With Bookmark
Magnifier Torch Keyring
Magnifying Glass Business Cards
Makarapa Foam Hat
Make up Brushes
Maputo New Look Drop Handle Conference Bag
Marine Beach Bag
Marksman Classic Ball Pen & Rollerball Set
Masquerade Face Masks
Masquerade Sticky Note Booklet
Matrix Laptop Backpack
Matrix Stress Reliever
Maze Money Box
McSteamy USB Coffee Warmer
McSteamy USB Coffee Warmer
Meadowdale golf bottle
Medicade Pen
Medical Kit Bag
Medical Surgical Penlight Pen
Melange cap
Memo Magnet Photo Holder
Memo Pad and Card Holder
Memo Pad and Pen Holder
Memo Water Bottles
Memory Stick Pen
Memotime Clock & Desk Stand
Men's Original Jeans
Men's Sling Bag With USB Charger
Mens Leather Wallet
Mens RIng with Wood
Mens Watch-2236
Mens Watch-3217
Mens Watch-3324
Mens Watch-3441
Mens Watch-3451
Mens Watch-4114
Mens Watch-4599
Mens Watch-5412
Mens Watch-5521
Mens Watch-55432
Mens Watch-6690
Mens Watch-6722
Mens Watch-7213
Mens Watch-723
Mens Watch-7432
Mens Watch-7732
Mens Watch-8123
Mens Watch-9123
Mental Block Game
Merlot Wine Set
Metal Beer Mugs
Metal Braai Kit
Metal Coasters
Metal Coasters with Bottle Opener
Metal Football Keychain
Metal Pill Capsule Keychain
Metal Plate Briefcase
Metal Ruler Keychain
Metal Slinky Spring
Metal Whistles
Miami Jacket with pouch
Mickelson mini bag
Micro 'Secret' Voice Recorder
Micro Drawstring Bag
Micro Fleece Jacket - LADIES
Microfoil Balloons
Microwave Heat Packs
Midi Soccer Balls
Milano Leather Writers Book
Military Lighter Watch
Milkyway Pen
Mind Game Brain Teaser
Mini ABSA Rugby Balls
Mini Arcade
Mini Baseball Bats
Mini Bluetooth Earphones
Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
Mini Cooper Stress Ball
Mini Cricket Bats
Mini Desk Golf Set
Mini Egg Fridge (8L or 10L)
Mini Fan and Mister
Mini Flashlight with Caribiner
Mini Foam Soccer Balls
Mini Gin Bottles
Mini Hand Drums
Mini Horn Blower
Mini Kettle Braai
Mini LED Torch
Mini NFL Balls
Mini Replica Cars
Mini Rugby and Soccer Ball Set
Mini Rugby Balls
Mini Screwdriver Set
Mini Shoe Keychain
Mini Shopping Trolley & Baskets
Mini Smartphone Fan
Mini Soccer Balls
Mini Staplers
Mini Tennis Set Keyring
Mini Umbrella
Mini Wine Fridge
Mini-me Memo Clips
Mirage USB Pen
Mirror Phone Cases
Mirrored Lens Sunglasses
Mitica Golf Shirt - LADIES
Mitica Golf Shirt - MEN
Mobile Power Bank
Mobile Screen Cleaner
Mobile Vending Machine Umbrellas
Mobile Wall Hangers
Model Airplanes
Module Stylus Pen
Mohair Socks
Money Bank
Money Clips
Montreal Sports Bag
Monty divot tool
Mosquito Repellent Bracelet
Moulded Torch
Mouse pad with Calculator
Moustache Corkscrew & Bottle Opener
Mouth Spray Pens
Mozi Bottle Opener
MP3 Player
Mug on Wheels
Mulligan Golf Ball Bag
Multi Flag Soccer Ball
Multi Function Wine Holder
Multi Purpose Ice Hockey Stick
Multi USB 8 Port charging station
Multi Use Bottle Shaped Keychain
Multi-bin Trolley
Multi-colour picnic rug
Multi-Functional First Aid Kit
Multi-Functional Keychain
Multi-Purpose Corkscrew
Multifunctional Bottle Opener
Multifunctional wrist wallet
Munch Cooler Bag
Munich Beer Glass
Mystic Mini Shopper

Nail File
Napa Valley Wine Caddy
National Cap White
National Hand Flag
Navaho Steak Knife & Fork Set
NBA Basketball Stress Ball
Neck Massager
Neck Pen Holder
Nelson Mandela Rubber Mask
Neon Barmat
Neon Safety Backpack
Neon Sports Balls
Neoprene Bag
Neoprene Beer Tie
Neoprene Can Holder
Neoprene Cell Phone Pouches
Neoprene Cosmetic Bag
Neoprene Double Wine Skin
Neoprene Drawstring Beach Bag
Neoprene Key Holders
Neoprene Laptop Sleeves
Neoprene Lunch Bags
Neoprene Quartz Bottle Holder
Neoprene Single Wine Skins
Neoprene Sunglasses Strap
Nett Shopper Bag
Nevada Backpack
Nevada Photoframe
New Jersey Shoulder Bag
Newhaven Eco-logical Pen
Newhaven Eco-Logocal Pen
Newspaper Pencils
Newtons Cradle
Newtons cradle desk balls & beads
NFL Ball Keyrings
NFL Football
Nice-to-meet-u Business Card Holder
Night Lights
Nitro A4 Folder
No Tie Shoelaces
Non Slip Cell Phone Mat
Noosa Earings
Norwalk Parker Jacket
Nota Bene A5 Notebook
Notebook with Cell Phone Pouch
Novelty I-Pad Covers
Novelty iPhone cases
Novelty Staplers
Novelty Sunglasses
Novelty Umbrella Hat
Nyos Golf Shirt - LADIES

O-Zone Cooler
Oak Barrel 5 piece Wine Set
Obsidian A4 Folder
Obsidian A4 Zip-Around Folder
Obsidian A5 Folder
Odessa Ball Pen
Office First Aid Kit
Office Mate
Oki Doki pen
On the Go Backpack
Onasis Ladies Laptop Bag
One handed bottle opener
Onyx Zip-Around Tablet Holder & Stand
Orbitz Desk Clock & Memo Clip
Orgasmatron Head Massager
Orient Express Natural Ball Pen & Rollerball Set
Orient Express Porto Gift Set
Original Kika Sack™
Orlando Jacket
Outback BBQ and Cooler
Outdoor A Frames
Outdoor Pouch
Overnighter & Laptop Carrier Case

Paarl Wine Gift Box
Paddle Bats
Palette Eco Pad
Palmer tool set
Paper Block
Paper Carrier Bags with Gusset
Paper Cube Holder
Paper Holder
Paper Insert Water Bottle
Paper USB flash drive
Papparazi pen
Parasol Umbrellas
Particle Pen
Party Plate Glass Holder
Party-to-go Cooler Bag
Pasta Spoon
Patchie Leather Overnighter
Pathfinder USB Torch
Patio Umbrella
Paul Bocuse Executive Lighter
Paul Bocuse Wine Cooler
Peak Cap Torch
Pearl Jewellery
Pebble Powershare
Peck Steak Knife Set
Pedova Travel Wallet
Pen Again Ergo Pen
Pen and Coin Holder Moneybank
Pen Compass
Pen Nose Hair Trimmer
Pen pocket
Pen Stand & Clock
PenAgain Ergonomic Stationary
Pencil Case Bag
Pencil Sharpener With Eraser
Penguin Stress Ball
Penguin Stress Ball
People Bank
Pepper Spray
Peppermint Cube
Perforated Sunglasses
Perfume Pens
Perk Coffee Maker
Perka Soft-Touch Mug
Perpetual Calender
Personalised Bottle Stopper
Personalised Wine Bottle Stopper
PET Backpack
PET Conference Bag (Recycled)
Pet Grooming Mit
PET Shopper (recycled)
Petersham Lanyard
PGA Pro slice zip shirt
PGA Tour Softshell Jacket
PGA Tour V-Neck Windbreaker
PGA Tour windbreaker
PGA Water Bottle & Accessories
Phone and message holder.
Phone wallet with clip stand
Photo Etched Badges
Photo Frame Clock
Photo Frame Keyring
Photo Tree Holder
Picaso Delux Art Set
Pick up Sticks
Picturetime Clock & Frame
Pierce Carving Set
Pilates/Yoga Balls
Pill Capsule Stress Balls
Pin Badges
Pinnacle Laptop Backpack
Pinochio pencil box
Plasma pen
Plastic Bottle and Bag Carrier
Plastic Building Blocks (LEGO)
Plastic Capsule Keychains
Plastic Cups
Plastic Face Masks
Plastic Picnic Set
Plastic Pitch Repairers
Plastic Recycle Car Bags
Plastic Sliding Puzzles
Plastic Slinky Spring
Plastic Sun Visor
Plastic Wine Aerators
Plastic Yard Glass Cups
Platter drinking plate
Plush Gel Beads Hot & Cold Pack
Plush Toy Keychain
Pocket Can Coolers
Pocket Diary
Pocket Face Paint
Pocket Laptop Brush
Pocket Pal Tool Pen
Point of sale stands
Pokemon Figures
Polar Desk Fridge
Polar Fleece Masks
Polarity Water Bottle
Police Badges
Police Car Stress Ball
Polycarbon Cabin Case
Polyester Shirts
Polyester Shopper with Pouch
Polyester Sling Backpack
Pool Ball Soccer
Poop Pen
Pop (Bubble Wrap) Keyring
Pop Grip Cell Phone Ring
Pop Grip with Dome
Pop Mobile Grip
Pop Up Car Flags
Pop up Cell Phone stand
Portable Banners
Portable Car Bluetooth Speaker
Portable USB Mini Fan
Portable Waterproof Solar Power Bank
Portable Wine Sippy Cup
Portia Pen
Portland Ladies Laptop Bag
Poulter delux golf bag
Power bank with Keyring
Powerbag Backpack
Powerbank Cans
Powerbox solar charger
Practice-Makes-Perfect Golf Set
Prague Crystal Glass
Prairie Picnic Cooler
Prayer Mat with Compass
Precision Compass
Precision Laptop Sleeve
Premier Flag and Sticky Note Set
Premium Glow Sunglasses
Presidio Ballpen
Prime Cut Knife Set
Printed Fashion Socks
Printed Golf Towel
Printed Paper Solar Charger
Prize Wheels
Pro-Exec Stationary Set
Pro-Exec Stationery Set
Promo Wine Opener
Promodrive Dual USB Charger
Promotional Bandanas
Promotional Champaign Glasses
Promotional Clip-On Reflective Safety Lights
Promotional Hand Sanitizer
Promotional Headrest
Promotional Sandals
Promotional Wine Glasses
Protege Notebook & Tablet Holder
Protein Shaker
Providence 2-IN-1 Cooler
Puff Moon Chair
Pull Reel Bottle Opener Keyring
Pulsate Ear Buds
PVC Credit Card Holder
PVC Soccer Kit Keychain
PVC Table Cloths
PVC Waterproof Playing Cards

Quebec Backpack
Quench Water Bottle
Quinn Golf Shirt - LADIES
Quinn Golf Shirt - MEN

Rainbow Nation Ball Pen
Rainbow Nation Drawstring Bag
Rainjacket Poncho
Rambaldi Ball Pen & Rollerball Set
Reading Light with Radio
Rechargeable wireless mouse
Recycled Colouring Pencils
Recycled notes holder with pen
Recycled Soccer Balls
Recycled Tote Bag
Red Ribbon Stress Ball
Red Siren First Aid Kit
Reflective Drawstring Bag
Reflective Lanyards
Reflective LED Arm Band
Reflective Luggage Tags
Reflective Silicone Wrist Bands
Reflective Snap Bands
Reflective stickers
Reflective Wrist Band
Refrigerator for 12 Bottles
Regatta bag
Regent Compu-Brief
Reno Laptop Backpack
Retail Dispensers
Retief Goosen tool set
Retina Zip-Around Tablet Sleeve
Retractable Car Windscreen Blinds
Retractable Sun Shades
Retrospect Memo Pad & Sticky Flags
Reusable Plastic Carrier Bags
Reversible Belt
Reversible Can Coolers
Revolver Coffee Mug
Rhapsody Lanyard
Rhythm MP3 Player
Rib Cage Keychain
Ridge Tumbler
Rockerfeller Business Card Holder
Rocket Football
Rojin Wine Holder
Roll Up Banners
Rolodex Business Card Holder
Rosewood Wine Set
Rotating Ball Hand Shaped Massager
Round Beach Towels
Round Shaped Foam Cushions
Round Stress Balls
Round Wine Set
Round Wine Stopper
Royal Flush Keyholder
Royalty Gust Buster Umbrella
Rubber Beer Balancer
Rubber Ducks
Rubber Leg Guard Keyring
Rubber Water Bottle Holder
Rubik Cube Memory Stick
Rubiks Cube Fidget Spinner
Rubiks Cube Keyring
Rubiks Cube Mug
Rugby and Soccer Boot Keyring
Rugby Ball Keyring
Rugby Ball Phoneholder
Rugby Ball Water Bottle
Rugby Ball Water Bottle 2
Rugby Balls
Rugby Foam Keychains
Rugby Kicking Tee
Rugby Match Ball
Rugby Stress Balla
Rugby Supporter Beanie
Rugby Supporters Wig
Ruler calculator
Ruler stationary set
Runners Mobile Arm Pouch

S.A Cheering Sticks
S.A Shoes
SA - Flag Cape
SA Apron
SA Bandana
SA Boxing Glove Keychains
SA Branded Cheering Banner
SA Cooler Bag
SA Cowboy hats
SA Drawstring Bag
SA Flag Lanyards
SA Flag Round Beach Towels
SA Foldable Frisbee
SA Mini Boxing Gloves
SA Mini Horn
SA Punk Wig
SA Rugby Beanie
SA Rugby Cap
SA Rugby Scarf
SA Slap on Wristband
SA Supporter Wigs
SA Wigs
Safari Backpack
Safari Short Sleeve Shirt
Safari Tog Bag
Safe Flame Candles
Safety Waistcoat
Sahara Backpack
Sailor Bag
Sailor Bag
Salatini Salad Server
Salt and Pepper Grinder Set
Samba 500ml water bottle
Samba 700ml water bottle
Samsung Tablet Carry Case
Sanchi Short Sleeve Shirt - LADIES
Santa Cruz Pen
Satin Diary A4
Satin Diary A5
Savvy Pen
Scented Car Vent Air Freshener
Scissors and Tape
Scooby desk pen
Scoop Mug
Scratch-Off Cards
Seamstress Sewing Kit
Secret Book
Secret Puzzle Box
Self Stirring Mug
Selfie Ring Lights
Selfie Stick
Sensationz Tablet Rollerball
Serena Jute Wine Carrier
Set of 2 Car Sun Shades
Sexy Shoes Wine Stopper
Shadow Multi-tool & Keyholder
Shake N Shine Torch
Shanghai Wine Set
Shangrila A4 Folder
Shangrila A6 Notepad
Shark Keychain
Ship/Container Shaped USB
Shoe Horn
Shoe Lace Wallet pouch
Shoe-Shine Travel Kit
Shoelace Badge
Shoelace Earphones
Shooting star highlighter
Shopper On Wheels
Short Lanyard
Shot Glass Bead Necklace
Shoulder Strap Carry Case
Shower feet skoens
Shower Radio
Shower timer water-saver
Shower Timer with Marketing Card
Shower/Bath Wine Glass Holder
Sienna Wine Set
Signature Cricket Bat / Sets
Silicon Valley Tablet Sleeve
Silicone Beer bottle lids
Silicone Bluetooth Speaker & Phone Stand
Silicone Calculator
Silicone Cell Phone Wallet
Silicone Cellphone Stand
Silicone Cigarette Cases
Silicone Coffee Sleeves
Silicone Finger Grip Strengthener
Silicone Finger Stretcher
Silicone Glow Keychain
Silicone Lanyard Cellphone Holder
Silicone Lanyards
Silicone Massage Pillow
Silicone Mobile Wallet with Snap Closure
Silicone Nurse Watch
Silicone Pulse Bracelet
Silicone re-usable straws
Silicone Ring and Mobile Card Holder
Silicone Slap Wrist Band
Silicone Speaker Phone Stand
Silicone Straws
Silicone Valley Tablet Pouch
Silicone Wrist Bands
Sillcone Bracelete Touch Pen
Silver Lining Cooler
Silverline Backpack
Silverline Shoulder Bag
Simba Umbrella Hat
Single Wine Carrier
Siren Ball Pen
Size 5 Promo Soccer Balls
Size 5 Soccer Ball
Size Up Cooler
Skipping Rope
Skyline cap
Skyline Tote Shopper Bag
Slap bracelet touch pen
Slap Can Coolers
Slap on Watch
Slazenger Action Jacket - Mens
Slazenger Blackburn Sunglasses
Slazenger Cool-Fit Golf Shirt - LADIES
Slazenger cotton polo shirt
Slazenger Deluxe Golf Bag
Slazenger Golf Bag Travel Cover
Slazenger High Fashion Down Jacket
Slazenger Marathon Water Bottle
Slazenger Stride Pedometer
Slazenger Synchronicity Watch
Slazenger Torque 3-in-1 Ladies Jcket
Slazenger Winner Jacket
Sleeping Masks
Slick Bottle-Opener
Slick Cap
Slim Leather Card Wallet
Slimline business card holder
Slingshot Laptop Bag
Slow Release Squishy Toys
Slush Puppy Mug
Small coin keyring
Small cosmetic bag
Small golf accessory bag
Smart Watch
Smartphone Holder Stress Armchair
Smartphone Magnifier
Smartphone Zipper Dust Plug
Smoothie Bottles
Snacka Cooler Bag
Snap Back Cap
Snooker Ball Keyring
Snow Globes
Soccer Ball Bag
Soccer Ball Bag with Waterbottle
Soccer Ball Bottle Opener
Soccer Ball Drawstring Bag
Soccer ball keychain
Soccer Ball Keychain
Soccer Ball on a string
Soccer Ball Tattoo
Soccer Bean Bag
Soccer Drawstring Bag
Soccer Kits
Soccer Player Bibs
Soccer Trainer Bibs
Soda Bottle Dispenser
Soda-Pop Cup
Soft Plush Toys
Soft Winder
Solano Water Bottle
Solar Backpacks
Solar Cooler Box
Solar Desk Wind Turbine
Solar Keyring
Solar LED Lamps
Solar Powerbank with Torch and Carabiner
Solar Tree
South Africa Blankets
South Africa Cap
South Africa Scarf
South African Beanie
South African Cap
South African Hard Hat
South African Rugby Keychain
South African Supporter Cushions
Spade and Bucket Set
Spash highlighter
Spectrum Flask
Spectrum Water Bottle
Spider Wine Glass Holder
Spiderman masks
SpinCity Notebook
Spinning Desktop Calenders
Spinning Tops
Spiral Clip Holder
Spiral Foam Peak Cap
Spiral Keychain
Spirulina Weather Station
Spitfire ballpoint pen
Splash Coasters
Splice Golf Shirt - LADIES
Sport Bottle with Pill Organiser
Sport Bottle with Plastic Cooler
Sports Car USB's
Sports Sling Bag
Springbok Cushion
Sprout Pencils with seed
Sprout Pens
Spy Camera Pen
Spy Camera Pen - 2016 Edition
Spy Camera Sunglasses
Squared Umbrella
Squaring Up Keyring
Squeeze Power Torch
Squiggle Pen
Squishy Grape Stress Balls
Squishy Vomit Eggs
Stackable Toddler Crayons
Stadium Cushions
Stadium Finger
Stainless Growler - 64 Ounce
Stainless Steal Pocket Knife
Stainless Steel Card Bottle Opener
Stainless steel champagne cooler
Stainless Steel Corkscrew
Stainless Steel Thermo Mug
Stainless Steel Wallet
Stalion Multi Corkscrew
Standard Coffee Mug
Stanford A5 Notebook
Stanford A6 Notebook
Staple-Free Stapler
Stapler Keyrings
Star message holder.
Star Shaped Massager
STAR WARS Money banks
Starlett Manicure Set
Steady Eddy Wine Bottle Holders
Steel Ice Cubes
Stemless Shatterproof Wine Glasses
Steri Stumpie USB
Stetson Ball Pen & Pencil Set
Sticky hand toys
Sticky Notes and Flag in Pocket Case
Sticky Tape Combo Stapler
Stock item USB's
Stockbroker Bull
Stone battery
Storage Baskets
Street Vendor Shoulder Carry Pack
Stress -O-Meter Cards
Stress Ball Cube
Stress beans
Stress Reliever
Stretch Bands
Stretching Belts
Stretchy pouch wallet
Striation Pen
Striped Mugs
Stripez A4 Folder
Strobe Pen
Stylus / Pen Combo
Sublimated Coffee Mugs
Sudoku Toliet Rolls
Suit Bag
Sunglasses with Peak
Sunny Time Pool Float
Sunrise Pen
Sunvisor Camo Peak Cap
Sunvisor Peak Cap
Super Club 165 T-Shirt
Super Sub Soccer Pen
Superhero Money Bank
Supporter Clapper Gloves
Supporter Face Paint
Surfboard Keyrings
Surfer Wallet
Surge Tumbler
Surveyor Multi-tool
Survivor Utility Bag
Swimming Cap
Swimming Pool Table Tennis Table
Swish 850ml water bottle
Switch Wallet
Sycamore Long Sleeve Shirt - LADIES
Symphony Drawstring Bag

T-Shirt Cannon
Table Menus
Table Menus
Table Overlay
Table Tennis Bats
Table Tennis Shaped USB
Table Tents
Tablet Ball Pen
Tango Cooler
Tankard Mugs
Tanker Truck Stress ball
Tape measure
Target Coaster Set
Tasman Golf Shirt - LADIES
Tasman Golf Shirt - MEN
Tattoos and Stickers
Tatum 600ml water bottle
Team Player Keyring
Team Spirit Beanie
Tech USB Wall Charger
Technicolour Mug
Tennis Ball Keychain
Tennis Balls
Tenpin Bowling Keyrings
Terra Firma A6 Notepad
Tetra Wireless Mouse
Texas Hold'em poker set
The Corksicle
The Golfer Cap
The Lapstop multi-purpose stand
The McThermal Mug
The Rocket Writer
Thermal Drinking Mugs
Thermal Strip Wine Thermometre
Three Stripe Keyring
Thule Atmos X4 iPhone 7
Thule Crossover Backpack 32L
Thule Subterra Carry-On 40L
Thule Subterra Luggage 55cm/22"
Thumbs Up Stress Ball
Thundersticks / Cheering sticks
Tick Tack Toe shot glasses
Tile Manic Powerbank
Tilt Head Beach Umbrella
Tim Clark tool set
Time square. 5-folding mini pocket umbrella
Time-To-Smile Clock & Frame
Timeshow Frame & Ruler
Titan Conference Bag
Toggle Bag
Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug
Toilet Notebook Paper
Toilet Stress Ball Whte
Toiletry Bag
Tokyo Weather Station
Toledeo Cap
Tool Boxes
Tooth brush set
Tooth Paste Shaped Pouch
Tooth Shaped Dental Floss
Tooth Shaped Jar
Tooth Shaped keyring
Tooth Stress Balls
Toothbrush Arranger Set
Toothpaste Tube Highlighters
Toothpaste Tube Pen
Toothpick and Mints Combo Keychain
Top Chef Knife Set
Touch Desk Lamp Powerbank
Touch Tablet Roller ball Pen
Touch Tablet Rollerball
Touchscreen Gloves
Toy Brick Stress ball
Toy Tanker Trucks
Tracker stroke counter
Transformer USB hub
Travel Clock with photo frame
Travel Coffee Mug
Travel Cooler Warmer
Travel Mug
Travel Tech Set
Trekker BBQ Set
Trendoid BloothTooth Portable Speaker
Trendy Highlighter Set
Trendy Writing Set
Trenton V-Neck Sleeveless Sweater - LADIES
Trenton V-Neck Sleeveless Sweater - MEN
Trigger Point Balls
Trigger Point Products
Trinity Pen
Trio Award Clock
Tripple Pen
Triton Cotton-Touch Golf Shirt - LADIES
Triton Cotton-Touch Golf Shirt - MEN
Trojan Backpack
Trolley Backpack
Trolley backpack
Trolley Bag
Trolley Luggage Bag
Trophies and Medals
Truck Branding
Truck Shaped Keyring
Truck Stress Ball
Trucker Camo Cap
Trucker Caps
Tube Highlighter
Tube of recycled pencils
Tube Squeezer
Tubular Wine Cooler
Tuscany Single Bottle Wine Carrier
Twin Stripe Red Backpack
Twist Puzzle Cup
Twister Cup
Twister straw cup
Two Tone Rim Umbrella
Two Tone Thermal Mug
Tyre Pressure Tool Kit
Tyre Shaped Cosater
Tyre Shaped Cushion
Tyre Shaped Pen Holder
Tyre Stress Ball

Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass
Umbrella Hat
Umbro Felsted Padded Jacket
Unbranded Cheering Sticks
Uncle Bucks Cooler On Wheels
Unique Memory Sticks
Unisex document bag medium
Unisex Retro High Top Canvas Sneaker
Unisex Watch
USB and Cigarette Lighter
USB Bottle Openers
USB car charger
USB Credit Card
USB Desk Fan
USB MP3 Sunglasses
USB Robot Man
Utility Bag
UV HD Paint Liner
UV Light and Keychain

V-Slit Cap
Vancouver Shoulder Bag
Vending Tray
Vendor Vests
Verve Eco-Logical Pen
Vibrancy Pen
Vintage FM radio and Clock
Vintage Leather Notepads
Vinyl Band
Visor Sunglasses
Vivaldi Ball Pen
Vogue Mirror & Nail File
Volley Balls
Vortex Tumbler
Voyager Hand Sanitizer
VR Headsets
Vuvuzela Keyring
VW Beetle USB
VW model toy
VW Staplers

Walky Talkie
Wall Clock
Wallet & Keyring Giftset
Warp-speed USB Travel Set
Watch and Pen Giftset
Watch with USB cable
Water Bottle Cover
Water bottle with filter strainer
Water bottle with lanyard
Water Guns
Water Pebble
Water Polo Ball Keychains
Water proof beach bag
Waterpower calculator
Waterproof Aprons with Buckle
Waterproof Bags
Waterproof Beach Box
Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
Waterproof Pouch
Wave Cap
Waverunner Pen
Wedding Anniversary Reminder Keyring
Wedding Ring Coffee Mug
Week time Pill Holder
Weekender Bag
Welcome Mat
Westcoast Mug
Western Backpack
Wet Wipes
Whimsy Mug
Whirlwind Desk Fan
White Swivel USB Flash Drive
Who-Am-I ID Holder
WIld Bean Coffee Mug
Windproof Emergency Blankets
Windscreen Sun Visor
Wine 2 Go!
Wine accessories and cards in box
Wine and Cheese Picnic Blanket
Wine Barrel Keyrings
Wine Barrel stress ball
Wine Barrel USB
Wine Bottle Keyring
Wine Bottle Lip Gloss
Wine Bottle Pens
Wine Bottle Stress Ball
Wine Bottle Tags
Wine Bottle USB
Wine by the Glass Filter With Tray
Wine Carrier Ice Pack
Wine Connoisseurs Gift Set
Wine Cooler & Pourer
Wine Decanter (Various)
Wine Decanter Bag
Wine Finger Ring Bottle Opener
Wine Glass & Bottle Holder
Wine Glass Hip Rider
Wine Glass Holder
Wine Glass Plate Clips
Wine Glass Sleeve
Wine Iphone Case
Wine Lovers Companion
Wine Opener & Vacuum Stopper Set
Wine Pack Bag
Wine Pourer and Stopper
Wine Spitoon/ Wine Cooler
Wine Stopper and Stand
Wine Stopper with lock
Wine Table Stand
Wine Tag
Wine Trays
Winston Ball Pen
Wireless Cellphone Charger
Wireless Laser Remote
Wireless Phone Charger
Wood BBQ Set
Wooden Cars
Wooden Eco Spinning Top
Wooden Patio Umbrella
Wooden Power Bank
Wooden Spoon Pens
Wooden Sunglasses
Wooden Wine Bottle
Woodstock Golf Set
Work Socks (30cm / 40cm)
World Ball Pen
World Map Stress Ball
Wrap Around Wine Cooler Pad
Wrist Wallets
Wrist Water Bottle with Band
Wristband Pedometer
Wristband USB
Wristband Wine Thermometer
Writebright Pen & Highlighter

Xanadu Pen
Xanadu pen set
XD Design Bopp Cool Bottle
XD Design Odin Safety Torch
XD Design Quatro Connection Cable

Yin-Yang Highlighter
Ying and Yang Shoulder Bag
Yoga Stretch Band

Zest Salt & Pepper Set
Zig-Zag A4 Folder
Zig-Zag A5 Folder
Zinc Face Paint
Zip Around iPad and Notebook Folder
Zip Neoprene Laptop Sleeves
Zip-Around Travel Wallet
Zipper Bracelet Watch
Zipper Earphones
Zipper Wine Coat Tote

It Began With A Sack

Bespoke Sourcing was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs. The legendary Kika-Sack™ stormed the South African corporate gift scene in 2008 and became a brand all of its own.

Bespoke Sourcing has seasoned experience in bulk order procurement - 20 years! Let us become your 'silent partner' in procuring only the highest quality branded and customised merchandise for South Africa's finest brands!

Recent Import Orders:

Election related merchandise

Bespoke Sourcing has worked on various election campaign roll-outs. Contact us for advice relating to our extensive selection of election campaign merchandise, including budget caps, polyester or cotton T-shirts. silicon wrist bands, lanyards and much more...